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DoorMaster Tips : Things to Consider When buying a Door


Your front door is the first impression people have of your home and is usually an extension of the interior design. Whether you’re replacing your current front door, or looking for the perfect door to complete a new build, choosing this main door is an important decision that will impact the overall look of your exterior.

Although appearance is crucial, there are a number of different elements you will need to consider when choosing a front door

Door Style

Depending on the overall finish of your home, the main door you choose should be in a style that will complement it. Modern builds will need modern doors, whilst older houses will look odd with these. For traditional looking homes, a classic look is more appropriate, and a solid wooden door with a dark varnish remains a popular choice.


safety is one of the crucial elements you need to consider when choosing a front door. Modern doors like aluminum and steel are easily upgradable to an electric or fingerprint lock – ideal if you find yourself losing your keys a lot, or are looking to add an extra layer of security
Aside from meeting your personal safety requirements, the front door you choose must be able to resist physical attack by a burglar. The door should also be fitted with a door viewer, a door limiter and an advanced door Handle.
Another safety standard to look out for when choosing your front door is A bulletproof Door which can withstand Armed robbers and Attackers.


Although you can buy a standard front door for around 300 or less, this is often a false economy and the money you save when purchasing it could end up costing you further down the line in heating bills, damage, or even a burglary if the door isn’t secure enough.

When you are shopping for a new door, you will also need to factor in additional costs like the price of delivery and installation, and the cost of the accompanying frame.

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