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DoorMaster Tips : How to fix loose door hinge screws.

Fixing Door

Interior Hinges;

From time to time you may have noticed some hinge screws coming loose on your door hinges.
The quick way to remedy this is as follows;
Take a small piece of wood which should not be nearly as big as the diameter of a pencil and certainly not as long, probably matchstick in length to form a plug.

With a sharp chisel or Stanley type knife begin to carefully thin it down so that it is square and slightly bigger than the problematical screw hole.

Now cut a shaving off two diagonally opposite corners and to a narrower almost pointed end, do not cut all four corners.

Remove one screw at a time from the hinges, cutting these corners off the wood as mentioned above will allow it to twist as you gently tap it in to the screw hole, for more secure fitting, put some glue on the wood plug first.

After tapping the plug in to the hole, take a hammer and sharp chisel and cut through any excess plug projecting from the screw hole.

Refit the hinge screws.
And you are Done ! 


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